Diagnosys provides visual electrophysiology systems and associated products for clinics, research establishments and private practices to diagnose ophthalmic conditions, assist in vision research and drug trials and evaluate retinal function.
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E3 System Desktop visual electrophysiology system.
Espion Ganzfeld Profile (Full-Field) Cart-mounted system capable of acquiring data and driving handheld and desktop ganzfelds (ColorBurst/ColorDome).
Espion Pattern Profile Cart-mounted system capable of acquiring data and driving pattern generators and Multifocal.
Standalone Stimulator Controller Console that enables third party systems to integrate and drive all Diagnosys stimulators. Does not acquire data.


LCD Monitor 32-inch or 23-inch LCD wide-angle monitor capable of producing hexagonal or other pattern stimuli for use in Multifocal ERG/VEP and Pattern VEP tests.
ColorDome Full-field binocular desktop ganzfeld for use in ERG tests.
ColorBurst Full-field monocular handheld ganzfeld for use in ERG tests.
Pattern Stimulator High-resolution monitor for use in PERG and Pattern VEP tests.


DTLs Disposable low-impedance corneal eye electrode with highest level of patient comfort.
Software Licenses Permits usage of Espion analysis software license on additional computers.
Testing Accessories Various additional skin preparation/electrode components useful in ophthalmic electrophysiology testing.