Who We Are

Diagnosys LLC

In 1996, engineers from Doran Instruments and Cambridge Research Systems came together to design a revolutionary new electrophysiology system called the Espion. The Espion combined state-of the-art pattern technology with the first LED Ganzfeld and first 24-bit data acquisition system to set a new industry standard for accuracy and reproducibility.

In the years since, the Espion system has become the most widely-used system for clinical trials and high-end research in the world.

Collaborative Engineering

At Diagnosys, we’re committed to forming long-lasting relationships with our customers. We recognize they are the leaders in our field and make it our top priority to meet their needs.

In-House Production

All our products are designed and made in-house – we never subcontract design, nor do we offer a collection of acquired products. Since we thoroughly understand the equipment we sell, we are in a better position to effectively support and improve it.

Moving Forward

Powerful enough to do any known test in ophthalmic electrophysiology, yet simple enough to use in any setting, our equipment is designed to smoothly transition new diagnostic protocols from the research lab to the clinic.

Building on this connection to research, our new clinical products bring you the most powerful, up-to-date diagnostic protocols available.