What We Do

Diagnosys is the industry leader in the field of ophthalmic electrophysiology. We provide our clients with a superior product, more options than our competitors, and around-the-world customer support.For 30 years Diagnosys has been spearheading the design and manufacture of visual electrophysiology systems, software, and accessories for clinics and research institutions. Virtually every leading vision care center owns and operates our equipment, in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, China, Israel, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, and many others.

Our instruments have empowered researchers and physicians to achieve new milestones in basic research, clinical diagnosis, drug efficacy testing, and drug and environmental toxicity testing. We’re very proud of the accomplishments of our customers, and pleased to have been able to play a supporting role in their success.

Diagnosys’ Products Are Used Specifically For:
Basic Research: Help researchers answer any and all questions related to vision
Clinical Testing: Diagnose diseases found in animals and humans (not just for trial)
Toxicity: Measure general effect of drugs during testing
Efficacy: Measure effectiveness of drugs for improving retinal function